TLab – Lines of investigation


Currently our research activity is divided into five lines of work (TLab):

TLab1. New materials and cellulosic materials (EE1)

  • We explore new materials and cellulosic materials. We observe their physical and chemical properties and their aesthetic qualities to work them as possible supports in the design of new graphic products.

TLab2. Graphic Design and Communication (EE3)

  • We explore the discipline of design and its related specialties to develop creative communication (print, digital, visual and virtual). We devise new methods of graphic interpretation of content, for the projection of an effective message.

TLab3. Technology and Graphic Production (EE3)

  • We explore graphic technology as a link between the methods and systems used in the industrial graphic production of new graphic products: communicational and advertising; editorials; and industrial products (containers and packaging) Packaging.

TLab4. Work methods for applied research in design (EE2)

  • The purpose of our applied research in design is to provide solutions to the problems between the professional (practical) and academic (theoretical) sectors. We apply work techniques with mixed methodologies (qualitative plus quantitative).

TLab5. Scientific communication (EE3)

  • We generate content from our research activity to develop adequate scientific communication and also to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the scientific communities of design, graphic technology and communication.