The problem of non-face-to-face teaching of design

 Juan Jesús Arrausi,, Elisava Facultad de Diseño e Ingeniería, Barcelona, España / Centro TGRAF, ISEC, Lisboa, Portugal. 

Arrausi Valdezate, Juan (2022) La problemática de la docencia no presencial del diseño. Revista Grafica. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Vol. 10 Núm. 19 (2022)


This essay intends to provoke reflection on the pedagogical dimensions of design, moved by non-face-to-face teaching, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has fully reached design teachers, a discipline taught to date mostly in face-to-face format. The flexible adaptation of teachers in aspects such as methodologies, skills and learning outcomes, affective and cognitive, interaction and evaluation in virtual format, in relation with the face-to-face teaching, is subject of reflection.


Design pedagogy; non-face-to-face teaching; teaching skills; teacher’s identity