The International Center for Studies and Research in Graphic Technologies and Scientific Communication, which we call the TGRAF Center, has its headquarters at the Lumiar Campus, Building L, “Print Research Lab” of the ISEC Lisbon. And it has an academic and scientific delegation in Barcelona – Spain.

At present, given its international projection, its multipurpose structure operates from its online platform, run by Portuguese and Spanish researchers, who carry out their research activity in the related areas of graphic technology and scientific communication. The applied research methodologies in design developed by the TGRAF Center are directed across disciplines: graphic technology, paper materials and materials, design and its specialties, scientific communication, regulations and research on new printed graphic products. and visuals.

The role of the TGRAF Center in the ISEC Lisbon Polytechnic Institute is essentially defined based on three objectives:
a) promote cross-sectional research activity between the different areas of knowledge of the polytechnic institute, facilitating access to the working methods used in design and communication, to promote scientific production at the various academic levels of higher education;
b) consolidate the network of multipurpose and multidisciplinary research activity that facilitates the evolution of small academic research works that can later become research projects;
c) Explore new working methods that facilitate the person investigating the management and control of the relevant information that configures the contextual framework of their applied research in design.

Professor Doctor Rafael Pozo Puértolas
Center Director


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